Certik admits their responsibility

This availability led to the unfortunate events of July 30, 2021. Indeed, the…

As you know, on Friday July 30th, the Levyathan project was the victim of a hack, then a bug that caused the loss of the project’s TVL, which was close to $1.5M on the indexes.

To retrace this terrible day for the project, I invite you to read the following…

Dear community members,

As you may know, leyvathan.finance was subject to an attack on July 30th 2021, resulting in the minting of 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 $LEV tokens and price drop to near 0.

As a result, staking and withdraw function ceased to work, so users tuned toward emergencyWithdraw() to recover their funds…


The first crypto indexes on #BinanceSmartChain

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